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About Bipper
Bipper was founded by mother of three Silje Vallestad when she learned that her six year old daughter's friends had cell phones, and she wasn't able to find any safe kids custom mobile solutions on the market that covered her needs as a parent.

MobileKids was developed and launched in Norway and Bulgaria in partnership with two operators fall 2010, and is in 2013 launching internationally as a mobile application for smartphones.  bSafe was launched fall of 2011 after several mothers had asked about how they could get the same SOS service the kids had in their MobileKids plan.

Bipper has won awards; Red Herring Global, Rookie of the Year, Bully Award, Mobile Premier Award and SIMagine, and founder Silje Vallestad was in2011 awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in Norway. Headquartered in Norway, with offices in Silicon Valley and Kiev.


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Silje Vallestad
+1 650 474 9447
Olav Balandin
+47 40 83 0000


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Take Safety Into Your Own Hands With Free New bSafe app

-- With bSafe, One-touch SOS Ensures Users “Never Walk Alone”; Available Now Worldwide on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Smartphones --


New York, NY, DATE 2011 – The free personal safety app bSafeTM (www.neverwalkalone.com) is available worldwide on iPhone®, AndroidTM and BlackBerry®, it was announced today. Following its meteoric success in select European countries (topping charts and beating Angry Birds® and Facebook® app downloads), bSafe is now ready to provide peace-of-mind to users everywhere.

bSafe is a free smartphone app that gives users a way to instantly reach their selected contacts -- Guardians – when help is needed. When the one-touch SOS is employed, Guardians are alerted with an emergency text message that includes the sender’s exact location. A direct call is also placed to one specified Guardian. Additional features are showcased in the bSafe demo video.

Founder and CEO Silje Vallestad said, "bSafe is free, easy, and it provides tremendous peace-of-mind. It is the one app we want everyone to have and hope they never have to use. If you are getting or giving a new smartphone this holiday season, bSafe is the most important app you can install."

bSafe is the latest offering from Bipper AS, the privately owned Norway-based company founded by tech-Mom Vallestad in 2008. Bipper is dedicated to developing mobile safety solutions for the international market. The company’s internationally recognized, award-winning first product, Bipper, is designed to help parents monitor and control kids’ mobile use. For more information, www.bipper.com.

Susan Lietz (U.S.)
(+1) 917.499.5053
Olav Baladin (Norway)
+ 474083000

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